Who Is Heroes Healing Others?

About Heroes Healing Others

Hello! We are blessed to have the opportunity to be part of your healthcare team! We have worked hard to be able to provide our services for you and your family.


Together, we have nearly 60 years of active-duty military service, and we are excited to bring our diversity of training home to our community. We are both licensed Family Nurse Practitioners. By serving abroad and having the privilege of working in culturally diverse communities, we have acquired a unique understanding and appreciation of and respect for different health beliefs and practices.


We have worked in multiple healthcare settings, including troop medical facilities, international medicine, primary care, acute care, emergency medicine, and correctional managed care.


We firmly hold that health care requires an individual approach concerning cultural sensitivity. In graduate school, both of us and a group of colleagues developed a culturally competent care framework, which we brought into our practice.


This framework is called COMPASS of CARE. We bring this framework to our business because our culturally sensitive approach and openness to YOU owning your healthcare sets us most apart from other medical groups.


Our Mantra, pulled forward from our graduate days, is “Embracing diversity, all the time, everywhere.”


The COMPASS component is, just as the word implies, directional, a guide, a road map.


Communicate first and foremost, we need to establish the best form of communication for YOU. Is it a specific language, communication platforms such as test or email, or in-person only?


Objectify-contrary to the negative connotation typically associated with this word, in the context of your health care, we look at YOU [all-encompassing] and help YOU become self-aware of your thoughts and beliefs about health goals, illness, disease


Mitigate-break down the barriers you perceive to attaining optimal health


Personalize-tailor your health plan to YOU; patient-centered; family-focused. YOU are the team leader


Advocate-help you access to meeting your health needs as defined by YOU


Supply-provide you education, training, therapy


Support-empower you to take ownership of your health-build and sustain autonomy




The CARE element of the framework


Collaborate-H2O teams with YOU and whomever else you chose to be on your care team to come up with treatment plans


Activate-We put YOUR plan into action


Resource-Fill gap for access to laboratories, imaging facilities, and specialists as much as possible, ongoing education


Evaluate-How are you doing? Assess, reassess, assess, reassess, and make changes as needed