Business Membership

Please select the best plan for you.

Business Membership

Annual Base Pricing is for 2-10 employees, then a $200.00 increase per year for 11-20 employees; followed by a $100 increase per year for the next 10 employees afterward. We must receive the names of all employees that are beneficiaries of this contract.  Any employee added to this contract after initiation of this contract will be added at a rate of $30.00 per employee.  This is a yearly contract to get these prices. After you are signed up an electronic contract will be sent to you for your review and signature.

Please keep in mind that the Business will pay the Business Membership Pricing and the employee will pay the $35.00 per visit fee and any other discounted medications, lab fees, or other medical services. Annual Contracts can be specialized per Business depending on the need and situation.

If you only have one employee or are an individual or have another membership need, please contact me for pricing.

Billing Periods
12 Installments = Annual Membership is paid recurrently monthly for 12 months.